What is Cultured Marble?

Cultured marble is a blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments in precise amounts, mixed thoroughly. This mixture is cast into highly polished open molds that have been coated with a clear gel coat. This gel coat is formulated to achieve a tough, durable, waterproof, non-porous, and transparent surface, which is very resilient and easy to maintain. Depending on the finishing process used, the gelcoat also provides the glossy surface that adds luster to the final product.

Cultured marble countertops lead the way as one of the most popular materials for resurfacing bathroom vanities. Available in a host of different colors and at a much more reasonable price than real marble and granite, homeowners may even discover that the benefits of cultured marble countertops outweigh those of many other materials.

Different from Real Marble

The porosity of real marble and granite cause it to be more susceptible to stains, scratches, and marring. Cultured marble countertops, on the other hand, resist these types of damages without marble sealers and can be installed for a fraction of the cost. You can order cultured marble countertops in a spectrum of decorator colors to compliment any décor and in veined, blended, and solid color options.

Because the final objects are cast in molds, the installed product has minimal seams and when installed properly, using mildew resistant 100% silicone, it becomes virtually leak proof. Tubs and vanity tops are cast with the deck attached to the bowl in one solid piece (unless you use our drop-in tub or drop-in/undermount bowl), which we call an integral bowl. This avoids potentially unsightly seams between the bowl and decks, providing ease of cleaning, mildew, and stain resistance. Cultured marble shower panels are typically only seamed where panels meet in the corners and above the shower pan.

Cultured marble products are very versatile and are used in residential and commercial dwellings. Over the years, raw materials and manufacturing techniques have improved dramatically which will allow you to enjoy your cultured marble products in their original luster for many years to come.