Who We Are

Company. Alamo Marble is a San Antonio based company that has been in business for over 30 years. The owner, Bill Sanders, started the Company in 1990 and continues to be actively involved on a daily basis. He also has served the cast polymer industry through the International Cast Polymer Association on various committees, board of directors and as the president. The Company has over 35 employees, many of whom have over 15 years of service. Key employees that provide our customers with the quality of service and products for all these years are: Suzette Vaughan, General Manager (20+ years), Irene Avilez, Installation and Finishing Supervisor (20+ years),  Lila Vasquez, Warranty Supervisor, Rika Enriquez, Measurement and Quotes and Gurwinder Singh, Mold and Equipment Maintenance (25+ years). The production, installation and service employees have many years of industry knowledge and experience. Our employees enable us to provide the market area with the best quality and service in cultured marble and granite products at reasonable value for our customers.

Alamo Marble, Ltd. is located in San Antonio, Texas, and we specialize in the manufacturing and installation of cultured marble and cultured granite bathroom products (i.e. vanity tops, tubs, showers). Our products are custom made to fit your job specifications in size, style, and color. Our customers range from production and custom builders, to remodelers, contractors, and retail. No job is too large or small.

We have been in business since 1990 and continue to stand behind our reputation for making on-time delivery with quality products and excellent customer service.

Alamo Marble, Ltd. has achieved certification as a National Housing Quality (NHQ) Certified Trade Contractor. We have implemented a multitude of quality procedures as well as quality training throughout the company to better ensure that quality is passed on to our customers.

Our products are tested to national quality standards and are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing flaws and defects. By using our extensive knowledge, perseverance and pursuit of excellence, we create a product with beauty and durability.

Please let us know how we can become your cultured marble supplier.

Why Cultured Marble/Granite?

Cultured marble/granite is a blend of natural stone or solid plastic fillers and resins that is combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and a realistic, natural looking marble, granite, and onyx patterns among others. Cultured marble has been around for over 70 years. Among its most salient features are:

  • Versatility. With endless possibilities of design and color.
  • Durability. Its non-porous surface resistant to stains from common bathroom products; it can easily be rebuffed to repair most scratches or chips.
  • Easy maintenance. Can clean without using abrasive materials.
  • Easy installation. Cultured marble products are manufactured in molds that can be made to meet defined specifications. Bath tubs, shower walls, and other large pieces will have no open seams, protecting the product from water damage.
  • Affordability. Cultured marble can be more affordable than competing natural or engineered stone and solid surface.